Monday, March 7, 2016

Women's History Month

This month is apparently now being considered Women's History Month, which is great! I was waiting until tomorrow to celebrate International Women's Day but I can celebrate the entire month. Maybe March was always Women's History Month and I forgot? My brain.

One thing I need to talk about first, however, is the fact that months and days dedicated to women tend to focus disproportionately on, you guessed it, privileged women. Mainstream websites and media programs will spend the month focusing primarily on able-bodied, neurotypical, thin cishet white women. I'm going to leave these women out of any of my celebrating entirely in order to do my part to correct this imbalance.

It's especially gross since the day of the month that apparently makes this Women's History Month is International Women's Day. Focusing almost all the history lessons on U.S. or Western European women is ridiculous and harmful. This is about all women.

I'm actually thinking now that I might celebrate the month by going into lists of women published by HuffPo and similar publications and asking why there isn't better representation in their listicles. That would be some decent ally work.

Now, let's start with some religious history.

It's gonna be a good month.

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