Friday, March 25, 2016

Whorephobic Professors Whining About Free Speech

One again, shitty college professors are having all the sads about protecting students from sexual harassment. This time because one professor got in trouble for holding an incredibly whorephobic role-playing exercise.

At the conclusion of the term , undergraduate teaching assistants participated in and witnessed role-playing exercises featuring subjects relevant to course material involving the global sex trade: these performances animated character types, such as an “Eastern European ‘slave whore,’ a pimp, a ‘bar whore,’ and a high-end escort.” Adler’s Dean offered her a buyout for early retirement and indicated if she did not accept the offer, she could incur penalties up to and including forfeiture of her retirement benefits.

Throwing around the word "whore" is a shitty thing to do in the first place, and it makes it sound like this "exercise" is totally stigmatizing of full service sex workers. Not only that, but it's definitely entirely possible that a college student could be a current or former sex worker or could be a survivor of sex trafficking. That kind of intense, ongoing trauma would probably make such an exercise impossible to get through.

So basically, once again, privileged people are saying that their right to do whatever the fuck they want regardless of anyone else's trauma or status as an oppressed person trumps the right to an education or any feeling of safety or the right not to be further stigmatized in a society that already criminalized their existence.

I am 10,000% tired of this bullshit. Fuck that "exercise." That professor should have to change it. It wouldn't be hard at all. Fuck these assholes' callous disregard for anyone but themselves.

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