Monday, March 28, 2016

Washington State Caucus 2016

So I caucused for Bernie, whoopdedoo. It was my first caucus and it was not as fancy or complicated as I expected. As many other people are reporting, my caucus location was packed. We arrived before 9:30 and there was no parking left at the Jr. High School. We parked in a nearby neighborhood and walked over, figured out our precinct, went to our designated lunch table at which there was no seating left. So we stood around until our group leader directed us outside where we could actually hear one another talk.

I'm not actually sure of the racial demographics of Bothell, but the vast majority of people there were white. There were a lot of middle age and older women, and these made up the vast majority of people caucusing for Hillary in our precinct (all white).

The women who spoke for Hillary pretty much had to say that they were tired of old white guys speaking for them. I brought up that Bernie is Jewish and people laughed. Not sure why.

Anyway, I understand the sentiment. I want a woman president, too. Very much. I can also see how that want would be stronger in an older woman who has waited so many more years for a woman president than I have. But the fact is that Hillary only speaks for and works for one type of women. And that is rich white healthy able-bodied neurotypical cishet women. Bernie at least seems like he'll work for the rest of us, and not just saying it to get votes.

Again, I can't throw women less privileged than me under the bus. Not with a clean conscience, I can't.

There was one young woman there who introduced herself and explained that she was caucusing for Bernie because she has five years to live, maybe. She has some kind of terminal cancer, and I saw as she was speaking that there were tubes coming out from her backpack that went under her clothes. She said that even since she'd been diagnosed and plunged into ridiculous medical debt just to stay alive, she'd been fighting for universal healthcare. And she couldn't support Hillary because although Obamacare had prolonged her life by allowing her to be able to access care at all, it wasn't nearly good enough. Though she was alive, her illness and debt made it so she and her husband couldn't live in better than the cheapest apartment. They couldn't travel, they struggled to pay their basic bills.

She explained that she shouldn't have to be forced into poverty and massive debt because of an illness that she didn't choose. She should be able to live during her last five years alive. And though supporting Bernie wouldn't save her, prolong her life or erase her debts, she wanted to fight for all the people in the future who will be diagnosed with a terminal illness.

And it breaks my heart that she feels the need to go around being inspiration porn to the rest of us because that's what it takes to get people to listen about the necessity of free healthcare. Not that she changed the mind of any of the Hillary supporters in our precinct, because apparently having a woman president of any kind is worth fucking over the terminally ill.

It makes me wonder how far this type of Hillary supporter would go. How conservative would a woman have to be that you wouldn't vote for her for president? I'm guessing as soon as she started advocating for taking away things that affect rich white women. Ha.

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