Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The U.S. Political Clusterfuck

Okay. So. Um. Where are we.

The latest is that Rubio has dropped out of the race after losing Florida, his last hope, and Hillary Clinton has pulled further ahead after winning most of today's states. It's not looking good for Bernie. This is disappointing to me, despite the fact that Hillary getting the nomination brings me closer to being right about my prediction made three years ago.

It's kind of surprising, though, because I don't even know what Hillary's been doing lately. The thing where she tried to claim Bernie wasn't around during her healthcare battle? Hasn't she learned by now that the Bernie campaign has receipts? But then again, mainstream media continues its extreme bias toward Hillary. But then again, there have been record turnouts at this year's primaries.

To think that eight years ago I barely knew that primaries existed.

Anyway, the latest I've heard about Hillary Clinton being a rich white imperialist:

Ugh. But this is much worse:

This is from 1994, when Bill was president and Hillary was throwing around a lot of talk about "empowerment."

Local clinics offered food and money to encourage sterilization. “Acceptors” were promised that vasectomies were not only reversible, but would help prevent AIDS. Women were offered clothing in exchange for agreeing to use Norplant (the five-year contraceptive implant), which led to a host of problems including constant bleeding, headaches, dizziness, nausea, radical weight loss, depression and fatigue. Demands that the Norplant rods be taken out were obstructed.

Fucking god damn hell. This shit has happened all over the place, at least where white Western countries have been involved. Fuck us.

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