Thursday, March 24, 2016

TERFs Are Responsible for Bathroom Bills

You know who helped get this trans women in the bathroom hysteria going? Feminists! Haaaaahahahaha fuck.

TERFs, or trans-exclusionary/exterminatory radical feminists, have literally partnered with transphobic and homophobic conservatives just for the chance to fuck over trans women. An anti-trans attack ad called "Women: Decide for Yourselves" (I have, thanks) even credits the notorious website Gender Identity Watch created by horrible, trans girl-harassing/outing Cathy Brennan.

Cathy Brennan and her ilk have condemned the North Carolina bill and some bathroom bills, only because they negatively affect cis lesbians. But make no mistake, TERFs are responsible for this shit in the first place.

Melissa Gira Grant wrote an extensive piece on this fact and the history of transmisogyny in feminist in the Pacific Standard. All cis feminists need to give this a read. And we need to reaffirm our efforts to rid feminism of this kind of hatred and bigotry. No transmisogyny in my feminism, ever. I will not accept any ideology that harms women of any kind.

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