Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Sony Dropped Dr. Luke!!


This is unexpected and fantastic news. Based on the behavior of other big corporations, I never thought Sony would actually do the right thing. Even if it's just to distance themselves from bad publicity. Most companies just try to sweep shit under the rug and/or deny any wrongdoing.

Kesha is still stuck with Dr. Luke for now because she signed with his label, not directly with Sony. But this could be a huge blow to the asshole's career, and with so many other music artists turning against him, he might not be able to ever recover unless he releases Kesha.

Abusers can be massively vindictive when their victims fight back, so he might never willingly let her go. But at the very least, this is encouraging for all rape and abuse survivors. At least big corporations may be learning that they can't get away with protecting rapists. Plus, the fact that breaking the contract will no longer hurt Sony hurts Dr. Luke's case.

Keep fighting for Kesha, everyone. We can win this.


Apparently it's only expected that Sony will be dropping Dr. Luke soon, according to anonymous sources. I jumped the gun a little. Also there's an update at the link I posted saying that Dr. Luke's representatives deny the idea that Sony's going to drop him. They probably just didn't hear about it yet, ha!

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