Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Request for Donations

Hello again! I am once again here as your donation-requesting blogmaster to request donations. Last time I did this I actually got a one-time donation, which made me incredibly happy. It made me feel like my dream of one day being able to blog full time and support myself could become a reality.

Blogging does take up a large portion of my time each weekday. As a freelance writer, sometimes work can take up pretty much the entire day. But at the same time, I would never give up writing in this blog for anything. I love my anti-sorry feminist blog and I'll keep writing in it, donations or not. But I could do so much more if this blog started bringing in some real money.

I know many of my readers are probably struggling themselves, but if you do read on a regular basis, consider compensating me for my work if you can. A donation of even a dollar warms me in my tired feminist heart. If you're a dude, remember that you need to be giving your money to women for the free feminist education you've been receiving.

Thanks for reading, everybody. For your convenience, here are the links:

Patreon account for monthly donations.

PayPal link for one-time donations.

Oh and happy birthday to the Notorious RBG.

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