Friday, March 25, 2016

Recommended Reading

More on the racism on both sides of the Democratic primary.

Your Bernie / Hillary fandom makes people of color invisible

This is a great piece calling out white liberals in the Seattle area. Once again, it's not just about individual failures in the campaigns and histories of these two candidates. It's how the "fandom," that is, the reactionary impulse to defend one's preferred candidate no matter what, harms people of color.

I had my honeymoon moment with each candidate myself. But both campaigns bring out a side of my white friends that worries me. 
Hillary and Bernie appeal to so many in part because they each represent a population of underdogs: 
Hillary’s story speaks most directly to the scads of women experiencing gender inequity in middle-class America. 
Bernie’s platform lets even straight white bros proclaim “the Man” has them down because they are saddled with student loans and third-rate health insurance. My white friends want to see themselves as the underdogs. They are excited about the candidate that allows them this mindset. 
I see white liberals becoming more fiercely protective of their own identities.

This was written by woman of color Anis Gisele and is required reading for my fellow white people.

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