Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Recommended Reading

Speaking of black women creating things, I think that one of the most important writers and activists of our time is Ijeoma Oluo. She lives in Seattle and is writing incredibly powerful pieces on racism and blackness. Today, this was published on The Establishment:

Black In The Time Of Trump

This is such a striking piece on how racism has directly fueled the rise of Donald Trump and how terrifying it is for black people. It's not long, and you should read the entire thing. But here's a great bit:

But the time for celebration is over. These last few years have highlighted how little even a black president can do to steer this massive ship first built to transport slaves in a different direction. I’ve spent the last three years watching video of my people being gunned down in the street with the confidence that only a gun and badge issued by this state can provide. I’ve been reminded time and again that the slight majority of Americans who decided they did not want me dead will draw the line at being mildly inconvenienced. I have learned that the slight majority of Americans who decided they could see the competency and leadership of a man who looked like me, will use that one benevolent choice to refuse to see the rest of us.

That part, of course, is talking about white liberals. My fellow white Obama voters. But it's just one of the heartbreaking aspects of the piece. Every paragraph smacks you in the face and leaves you stinging. At least, it should.

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