Thursday, March 31, 2016

Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

Today is the official International Trans Day of Visibility. It's a day for trans people to post selfies and generally remind cis people that they exist.

I want to once again remind everybody that this blog is a safe space for trans women. My feminism is 100% trans inclusive. TERFs and any "trans critical" feminists are not welcome here.

For the rest of us, remember that there are trans and non-binary people out there today who are still in the closet for their safety and so can't participate directly in TDoV. They still matter. Also for the love of god don't out anybody.

Remember to send extra love and support to trans women of color, disabled trans women, mentally ill trans women, and all the others who deal with multiple intersections of oppression. Check out the TDoV tag on Tumblr for loads of amazing trans and non-binary people! I'll be spending the day reblogging.

Have fun today!

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