Thursday, March 3, 2016

Featured Blog: Social Justice Bard

I haven't featured a blog in a while, but then I stumbled upon Social Justice Bard thanks to a friend liking one of their posts on Facebook. Just the title of the blog makes me happy. I go back and forth between thinking of myself as a social justice bard and a social justice rogue. I'm a storyteller but I'm not musical, and I'm really sneaky, but I've never actually stolen anything. Now I want to play Oblivion. What? Oh right, the blog.

Social Justice Bard is another Blogger blog. It doesn't update as often as mine, but it appears to be almost purely original pieces rather than commenting on news and linking to other blogs like I do all the time. The best part is all the delightful sarcasm and snark this individual uses in their writing. I highly recommend checking it out.

I especially like "On "Crappy" Social Justice Teachers"

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