Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fake Geek Boys Mad That Game Company Made a Decision

Must be a day that ends in "y" hahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Yeah, apparently, there's some game called Overwatch and a female character originally did a victory pose where she turns around to show her butt in her painted on leggings. I don't know anything about this game in particular, but fans complained that such an action was ill-fitting with the character. So Blizzard, the developer, decided to change it.

Cue the fake geek boys who apparently don't know anything about the process of making a game crying and breaking their monocles over "censorship."

This game is still in development. What fake geek boys don't seem to understand is that companies make small changes to their games in development based on feedback all the time. Why do you think they hire testers and focus groups? Do you complain when gaming companies decide to fix glitches or removed always-online requirements? No, you demand these changes, and you don't call in "pandering" when those changes are made, do you? Only when the change involves something that you perceive to be about social justice or anything related to it.

Or when the change means you can't stare at an animated woman's ass anymore.

Well, guess what, geek boys? Blizzard is its own company that gets to do whatever it wants to make as much money as possible, as you've pointed out so many times before. Just because the tide of opinion is turning away from your shitty misogynistic asses doesn't mean Blizzard in being censored. In fact, if you demand they change it back, then you're demanding that Blizzard pander to you! Stop censoring Blizzard and go play some more Dead or Alive, a game made entirely to pander to straight men.

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