Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Donald Trump Needs to Be Stopped


In the past, I've brushed off the idea of a Trump presidency, saying that he can't possibly win, even as he's been killing it in the primaries. Maybe I've been optimistic, maybe I've been trying to keep myself from being sucked into a bottomless void of despair. But I need to stop. Because people like me not believing that a guy like Trump could become the leader of a nation like this is exactly how that thing happens. More and more people are coming forward to talk about how former horrible dictators got into power by saying ridiculously horrible things and exploiting the anger and bigotry of large segments of the population.

And yeah, that includes Hitler.

And even if Donald Trump doesn't have a shot, that doesn't mean he's not doing damage. You've probably all heard about the white Trump supporters attacking black and Muslim protesters. From repeatedly shoving a young black woman to very deliberately throwing an elbow into a black man's face.

And now this:

Trump’s America Is Here: Man Kills 3 People For Not Speaking English

It was Sunday afternoon and Jesus Manso-Perez, 40, and his 18-year-old son, Jesus Manso-Carrasquillo, had left the apartment to do laundry. They ran into Popp on their way to the basement in their apartment complex, who Manso-Carrasquillo said offered them a beer. When they declined, Popp asked where they were from and they replied that they were from Puerto Rico, to which Popp reportedly replied, “Oh, that’s why you don’t speak English. You’re Puerto Rican.” After they parted ways, the father and son started a load of laundry and made their way back to their apartment. It was then that they met Popp at the stairs, he pointed a rifle at them, said “You guys got to go” and shot the father in the head. The son managed to run away and just barely missed the shots that Popp fired at him.

Two other people of color were dead before this ended.

It's not coincidence that as racist, hateful rhetoric increases and is highly publicized and accepted, physical violence against people of color increases. And Trump's rhetoric is all of those things. From calling Mexican individuals rapists to talking about "those people" ruining "our country."

I don't typically watch Rachel Maddow, but a segment of her's on the subject really made the point sink in for me. HuffPo has the full segment plus a written-out timeline of Trump's escalation of violence in his rhetoric.

We have way too much military power to let Donald Trump become the next president. And too many people have been assaulted and murdered for any of us to stand by and let his hatemongering go on. I challenge every person, especially every one of my fellow white people, to refuse to tolerate Trump or any language that comes from Trump or any support of Trump. This has gone far beyond opinion having. People are dead.

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