Friday, March 18, 2016

Can We Talk About How Terrible U.S. Schools Are?


I'm not talking about in terms of test scores. Or even how much fucking ridiculous standardized testing we put kids through these days. I'm talking about treating kids with basic humanity.

Three pieces of news cropped up in three days illustrating just how fucking worthless schools are when it comes to protecting our children.

School may expel Muslim teens for standing up to bullies — after ignoring their pleas for years

You can probably guess how I feel about the idea of just ignoring bullies. A) It doesn't work and B) Stop ignoring problems thinking it will make them go away and C) Fucking protect victims and correct bullies. Both victims and perpetrators of child bullying (assuming the perpetrator is also a child) need intervention. Fuck.

“You don’t know if someone is going to come up behind you or come right up to you and say something,” said Adam, a sophomore. “You always have to watch where you are, what you’re doing, who’s around you. You always gotta have a watch out.” 
They’re hounded on social media and harassed in the hallways at school, and vandals broke windows and doors at the family’s home over the weekend by throwing rocks and eggs.

Okay, these kids are going to come out of school with fucking PTSD. It sounds like they're living in some ultra oppressive country and/or warzone. And of course, now that these students have fought back, they're the ones facing severe punishment.

The way our schools operate when it comes to bullying and abuse is completely and horrifically wrong. The message is that no one will help you if you become a target and victim. They might tell you to report bullying but nothing will be done to stop it if you do, and if the other kids find out you reported it then the bullying gets worse. If you fight back, you'll be the one who is punished.

I myself was sexually harassed for a period in middle school. I was targeted by a group of boys for systematic harassment and I knew that if I went to the administration for help, nothing good would come out of it. So I didn't. I endured in silence until they grew bored of me. I was lucky that it didn't escalate, but I never should have had to endure that at all.

These are kids. Considering what we're teaching them in schools across the nation, it's no wonder our adults are all fucked up and supporting a horrible racist fascist for president. Why hasn't this been better addressed? Why are we letting the children suffering like this? Why isn't this shit a national fucking scandal? Why is this country so terrible?

Okay, that's one. It gets worse.

OUTRAGE at Southend school after girl is sent home for looking TOO PRETTY in uniform

This is not a fucking joke. I mean, it is, but it isn't meant to be.

She got sent home because her glasses, which she needs to see, were somehow provocative. There's a picture at the link. She's 13 and looks younger than that to me. Her glasses are like, rectangular, with blue ear pieces.

How is that provocative? Why are girls being sent home, being denied their right to education, because adults consider them too pretty in their new goddamn glasses?

And the letter, oh my god. It talks about her being subjected to "glances" from "older members of the public." Okay so this girl is being denied her right to education because of fucking pedophiles on the street that might look at her????????? I will fucking kill somebody right now.

Okay I just realized that this is in the U.K. So this is probably more of a Western cultural thing? THAT'S DESTROYING GIRLS' EDUCATION TO PROTECT BOYS AND PEDOS OR SOMETHING.

Like literally investigate these administrators for possible possession of child porn, I'm not kidding.

One more.

Sent Home From Middle School After Reporting A Rape

When G. reported her rape, Spring Creek’s response denied her that very right, according to a federal complaint G.’s attorney filed against the New York City Department of Education in November 2015. 
The first school administrator G. confided in didn’t report the incident, the complaint states, while another asked her why she hadn’t fought the boy off. Then, the principal sent G. home — indefinitely — while the school tried to get a handle on the situation. 
Administrators didn’t refer G. to counseling or legal services. They didn’t forward her homework. They didn’t follow up at all. After a four-day investigation, the principal told G.’s mother that she had arranged a “safety transfer” for G. to another school, as there was nothing more Spring Creek could do.

Again, 13 years old. This time a black girl. Not only raped, but denied her right to an education and told to fucking transfer schools. Meanwhile her rapist is free in that school to rape other girls.

Sue sue sue sue suesuesuesuesuesuesuesuesue.

Actually, that puts the onus on the family. Someone just fucking arrest these administrators and throw them in jail. All of them. Everyone involved in failing this girl. Then legally prevent them from ever working with or being near children again. Then fucking DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE HORRIFIC STATE OF SCHOOLS IN THE U.S. AND THE U.K. THAT ARE FAILING CHILDREN OF COLOR AND MUSLIM CHILDREN AND GIRLS AND VICTIMS ON A DAILY FUCKING BASIS, AND CONSTANTLY EXPOSING OTHER CHILDREN TO DANGER. MAKE THIS SHIT STOP. RIOT FOR THE CHILDREN. GOD FUCKING HELL I WILL BURN SOME SHIT DOWN.

This has been a PSA.

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