Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Black Women Created All the Things You Love

I wrote another piece for Yes! Magazine that was published last night. It's a list of 10 black women and their inventions/contributions to the modern world. Because both Black History Month and Women's History Month tend to leave out the black women.

10 Black Women Innovators and the Awesome Things They Brought Us

My favorites are Sister Rosetta Tharp, the godmother of rock and roll and an influence on so many of the men credited with creating the genre, and Biddy Mason, who was such a fucking badass. She won freedom for herself and her family after her slave owner brought them all to California, where slavery had already been abolished. Then she proceeded to become a real estate mogul and make Los Angeles the metropolitan hub it is today.

Did you know that? That a black woman is the reason LA is so important? I bet you didn't.

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