Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Amazing Girls of Color

What in the what. How does one person already contain so much awesomeness, I don't get it.

Asia Newson Is Detroit’s Youngest Entrepreneur

How young, you ask? She's 13. 13.

But she started when she was five????? ??????????????

Born and raised in Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood, Asia started her business, Super Business Girl, at the age of five years old after learning how to make candles from her father Michael Newson. Now at age 13, Asia hopes to open up shop in Downtown Detroit and become the city’s “Youth Mayor,” but also finish school so she can attend Michigan State University.

I'm 27. This post series is honestly starting to make me feel inadequate.

And just look at this beautiful cinnamon roll:

She's like, radiating perfection. And she says things like this:

“I teach at-risk youth how to become entrepreneurs, empower themselves, and become self-sufficient. My mission is to recognize the true potential in every child and to develop intrinsic security that makes optimum use of their individualized talent.”

SHE'S 13.

Here's a video. Bask in the awesome.

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