Monday, February 29, 2016

U.S. Cops Just Love the KKK


There was apparently a fight in Anaheim yesterday between KKK members at a planned KKK rally and counter protesters. At least part of the fighting was caught on video, and there were multiple stabbings involved. Blood can be seen on the sidewalk and what appears to be an exposed knife wound near the end of the video I saw. It's clear that the fighting was mutual, and one of the counter protesters claimed that the KKK started it, stabbing the anti-KKK people right out.

The video shows people from both sides being arrested, but apparently, the only people actually being charged for assault and similar crimes are the counter-protesters. One KKK member was arrested and given a bail amount of $25,000, but has since been released without charges.

Look who got charged (and who didn’t) after the KKK brawl in Anaheim

It's also weird that there was no police presence in the first place at this planned KKK rally. Normally, the police attend and set up a barrier between the white supremacists and counter protesters. Maybe they figured if they were there, it would have made it harder to only charge counter protesters with crimes and let the KKK members off the hook.

Fuck the KKK-loving, white supremacist police.

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