Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sad Misogynists to Hold International Sad Misogynist Meetup Day


For your convenience, the sad lonely misogynists of the Return of Kings variety will be gathering in select locations across the globe this Saturday. They've outlined each location, times to meet, and their super secret code to identify one another on their website, which they like to brag about how popular it is. But okay. Some real James Bond shit here.

Whatever makes you feel special.

Anyway, here's a handy Do Not Link link to the post with all the information so you can view without giving that tear-soaked wank rag of a website any actual traffic:

Full City Listing And Meeting Points For International Meetup Day On February 6, 2016 UPDATED 1/25

Of course, this is strictly a "no girls allowed" meetup. In fact, it's cishet men only. Their FAQ claims that men of all races will be welcomed, but these men are notorious racists.

This international meetup day has been put together by the infamous RooshV. You may remember him as the guy who travels around getting himself banned from entire countries for encouraging sad misogynists like him to commit crimes. Specifically, he holds speaking events to teach men how to rape women and get away with it. He advocates for rape to be legalized and then goes around harassing and assaulting women himself.

None of this is an exaggeration, at all.

Next, I want to bring your attention to the recommended article at the bottom of the information post.

Frequently Asked Questions For International Meetup Day On February 6

This FAQ contains instructions for what to do if the dreaded feminists show up. Considering the fact that RooshV is posting this shit for everyone in the world to see, it's clear he's hoping for confrontation, and even says, "While I wouldn’t mind a bit of excitement, there is currently zero chatter online that a single meetup will be disrupted."

What I love about this FAQ is how clearly it shows the ridiculous and blatant hypocrisy of men like this. One question asks "What if cr**y feminists show up?" and then instructs the men to "Record them with your camera, upload the footage to Dropbox, and then send it to me at roosh@rooshv.com afterwards so we can tear them up."

The very next question asks "Is there is a danger I could get doxxed from a feminist?"

"Mean feminists might take our photos and try to doxx us, waaahhhh! But if any feminists show up and try to directly confront us, take their photos so that we can doxx them and make their lives hell."

And it only gets more hilarious from there.

"Have the hosts been vetted? What if they are a secret feminist agent?"

That is a direct quote.

"Are you concerned that agents within the various Alphabet Soup groups (CIA, FBI, NSA, CID, NCIS, ETC) may try to infiltrate the tribal meetup?"

These sad sacks are actually worried that the CIA is going to show up to try and infiltrate their sadness. I'm guessing "NCIS" is a joke, but you never know. But the answer advises the sad men to "keep an eye on possible agent provocateurs who advocate for illegal activities out of the blue."

Anyway, if you are a cishet white male and are looking for a good time this Saturday, might I suggest stopping by one of these locations if you're in the area? Perhaps with water guns? Filled with urine? Or some kind of sticky glitter bombs? These are just suggestions. But it sounds like a great group activity to me.

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