Thursday, February 18, 2016

Fuck That: Local Transphobia Alert


After the bill to repeal public facility equality in Washington State failed in the Senate, it looks like the fight is not over. People still can't seem to handle the idea of just fucking leaving people alone about their genitals.

Group Launches Website to Put Anti-Trans Discrimination to a Statewide Vote

Like in other states, these transphobes are relying on the baseless fear that people will use laws meant to protect trans people from discrimination that threatens both their physical health and emotional well-being to peep on women in the bathroom. Their website is called "Just Want Privacy" (dot org), and completely ignores the fact that trans people just want privacy too. In fact, they want it a whole lot more because we don't give them the right to it. Trans people constantly have to deal with people inquiring about their genitals and wonder which public restroom will carry the smallest possibility of being harassed and/or assaulted. But sure, we cis people are the ones who need privacy.

They're working on filing a ballot initiative so the public can vote on it, because Washington is one of those states.

To make things worse, some guy recently pulled a stunt in Seattle in which he changed in a woman's locker room at a pool, saying that the law allows him to do that now when women complained. All he said was "the law has changed and I have a right to be here."

It sounds like a clear case of a cis dude trying to stage some bullshit "protest" to the law. I say that because no actual trans woman would act like that. An actual trans woman would have been aware of the potential threat to her health and safety because she doesn't have cis male privilege protecting her.

This is really infuriating because this guy's stunt validates the unsubstantiated fears of all the people saying that men are going to use this law to harass women and girls. However, the point still stands that no one has used the law to do this since clearly he was using the law to make a point, however gross it may have been. It also stands that any person who harasses people in the bathroom can still be kicked out/arrested at any time. And as always, it stands that trans people are not the problem - cis men are the problem, and their fucking awfulness is ruining everything once again, and trans people shouldn't have to be punished for that.

My fellow Washintonians need to look out for this ballot initiative and work to fight against transphobic bullshit. I will not see our progress be thrown in the trash because of gross cis men. Again.

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