Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Black Trans Woman Held in Jail Without Trial for Four Years in the U.S.


"Speedy trial" my ass.

This woman, Eisha Love, was charged with attempted murder for trying to run from the violent men who had harassed and physically assaulted her. While trying to flee in her car, she hit one of them. For that, she was put in jail where she stayed for four years without a trial. After she was indicted on these charges, she was moved to an all-male prison and forced to stay in a cell for 22 hours per day with a male roommate.

Perhaps worse, her friend, who was there at the time of the assault and fled with her, witness to the entire incident, was found months after the incident. Love and her mother say she was tortured and murdered.

It now seems that Love has been released, finally, as she has a fundraising page up asking for money to get her life back together after being locked up for so long on bullshit charges and without trial. I don't know if the charges have been dropped, but you can read the full story of what happened to her in multiple articles that are linked on her fundraiser page. It's fucking horrifying.

Nothing shows more starkly how the justice system in the U.S. is designed to protect the privileged and lock up the marginalized in torturous conditions than how black trans women are treated by it. This is such a disgusting failure of anything that would ever be considered real justice. It lends support to my belief that there is no way to "fix" our justice system, because it was built to function just as it is. The only way to get a decent justice system is to tear it down complete. How that can be done without violent revolution is beyond me, but I don't much care after reading this.

Eisha Love deserves justice for what was done to her.

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