Friday, February 26, 2016

Black History Month

Did you know that in 1936 Berlin, also known as Nazi Germany, there were 18 black athletes on the U.S. Olympic group at the games that were hold there that year? Do you have any idea how badass you'd have to be to do that?

People often remember the 1936 Olympics in Berlin for track and field legend Jesse Owens taking home four gold medals, essentially triumphing over Adolf Hitler's hateful ideologies in his own backyard. At the time, Americans considered Owens to be representative of how the mighty U.S.A. was superior to Hitler and Germany. 
But Owens was just one of 18 black athletes on the U.S. Olympic team brave enough to attend the games in Nazi Germany. This summer marks the 80th anniversary of those games, and the athletes' accomplishments are perhaps even more significant all these years later.

This article has descriptions on the other 17 athletes who kicked ass in the face of extremely racist and xenophobic Nazi crap, not to mention U.S. Jim Crow laws. It's an awesome list.

Jesse Owens Was Brave. So Were These 17 Other Black Olympians.

Also, there's apparently going to be a documentary on this awesomeness out later this year. Both about these men's accomplishments and shit like the fact that Roosevelt still wouldn't invite Owens to the White House.

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