Friday, February 12, 2016

Black History Month

Did you know about Frances Mary Albrier? It wasn't just white men who were responsible for unions, weekends, and not having to send your children to coal mines.

I stumbled upon an article on the Self-Rescuing Princess Society about this amazing black woman. She was a huge force in getting more and better work for black people as both a union activist and civil rights activist. She was the one who came up with the "Don't Shop Where You Can't Work" protest. Black people boycotted stores that wouldn't hire them, and before long, those stores were changing their tune.

Her work and accomplishments go on and on. She was a riveter in WWII and when she was denied work because there was no union set up for black women, she threatened to sue until the standard union agreed to accept her. Prior to that, after being denied entry to the Red Cross, she formed the Black Cross and taught other black women how to be nurses.

Read the whole article here. It's long and fantastic.

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