Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Whole New Level of Cop Fuckery


Just when you think police brutality can't get anymore ridiculous:

California Cops Shoot and Kill Man and Woman Passed Out in Car

California cops shot and killed a man and woman Sunday after finding them unconscious in a car and spending 45 minutes trying to “deescalate the situation” before they “felt threatened,” according to Inglewood Mayor James Butts, a former police chief.

First of all, MAYOR BUTTS. Okay, moving on.

The cops say that the woman had a gun in her hand. Yet they identified the couple as unconscious. So these officers are so incompetent that they can't disarm an unconscious person?

The two were apparently out on a date, having left their children in the care of family members. But it appears as if they had too much to drink and ended up passing out, which drew the attention of police, who claimed the woman was holding a gun. 
That prompted them to call the SWAT team and at least one armored car, who began ordering them through a megaphone to wake up and exit the car.

Is this a fucking joke? Is Mayor Butts pulling a fast one on us? Is this another case of a joke article taken seriously by major media outlets?

Apparently not.

At least one armored car. What in the fuck is happening???? A total of seven kids are now grieving because these cops couldn't handle two passed out fuckers in a car. They had to call in the fucking SWAT team. And they wanted them to get out of the car but opened fire as soon as they moved?

This is a travesty. The entire country is a travesty.

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