Monday, January 4, 2016

White Terrorists Are At It Again

Honestly, I wouldn't call the protesters over in Oregon right now "terrorists." Except that people of color, and particularly Muslim individuals have done a lot less and been labelled "terrorists" by the media and politicians and law enforcement so yeah, by those standards, terror threat level red, send in all the National Guard.

I don't know what else I can say to point out the obvious discrepancies between the way white people and people of color are treated in this country. Black people protest because cops won't stop executing them brutally without cause, and they send in the fucking National Guard and make a Missouri town look like a war zone. Two white guys commit arson on federal lands twice, get arrested, and serve less than the minimum sentence for the crime. When a judge tells them that they need to go back to jail and serve the rest of their time, 300 white people protest in a town in Oregon without having to stare down even a single tank, then a bunch of "militia members" take over a federal building, and what? Police are kind of casually negotiating with them? The federal government doesn't even seem to care. The FBI wants to settle it peacefully.

Granted, this building is a park building that sounds like it's in the middle of nowhere, so maybe they aren't as visible and they aren't disrupting traffic or anything. But that doesn't explain nearly all of the gap in reactions to anti-government action from white and black groups. I mean, the Bundy's alone have directly threatened so many cops, pointing guns at them and shit, and have even one of them been killed for it? They've gone to the internet to encourage other "patriots" to disrupt the government and engage in civil disobedience, but where is the outrage and concern trolling from white pundits? These men are actually armed to the teeth, but fuck it, let them shoot at cops. They're white, so I guess they get to.

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