Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Transmisogyny in Feminism


We need to clean this shit up, fellow cis feminists.

Maria Miller: ‘Feminists’ overwhelmingly hostile towards trans report

Maria Miller has criticised the “extraordinary” hostility from women claiming to be “feminists” following her report into the treatment of trans people across the UK. 
Ms Miller insisted that the “overwhelming” reaction to the report – published by the Women and Equalities Committee last week – has been largely positive. 
However, she added that “the only negative reaction that I’ve seen has been by individuals purporting to be feminists.” 
She said that many of these ‘feminists’ are angry with her suggestions that women’s refuges also ensure equal access to people who have transitioned from male to female.

Everybody's pretty cool with the report saying we need to help trans people. Except feminists. That is embarrassing and terrible.

Also, apparently Germaine Greer has not at all changed her mind about trans women, despite what she might have said a while back.

The backlash follows on from Germaine Greer’s recent remark that transgender women “can’t be women.” 
“Just because you lop off your penis … it doesn’t make you a woman,” Greer added.

You're a terrible person, Germaine Greer.

How do we clean this shit out of feminism? I wish there was something more I could do than just calling this out. But trying to convince TERFs to fucking stop is like trying to convince a brick to grow legs and do a little dance.

At the very least we need to recommit ourselves to supporting trans women in the face of this transmisogyny within our community. Where are the feminist leaders standing up against this bullshit? It seems like the most visible feminists are lukewarm white feminists like Emma Watson and old guard transmisogynists like Greer. Fuck.

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