Thursday, January 21, 2016

How Transmisogyny and TERF Rhetoric Lead to Violence


According to TERFs and other transmisogynists, trans women are men and therefore cis women need to be protected from them. That means trans women aren't allowed in cis female spaces. Here's what that leads to.

Transgender woman lodged in all-male halfway house sues Dismas over rape.

This is not an unusual story. There are many like it that go unreported, either because the trans woman victim does not have the means or is afraid to report the assault or the media simply ignores it because it doesn't care.

Typical script: Trans woman is assigned to a male facility, in this case a halfway house, her complaints are ignored, and she's raped.

Meanwhile, I've never seen a single case of a trans woman assigned to a female facility assaulting a cis woman.

And yet TERFs keep talking.

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