Friday, January 29, 2016

This is the Best

There's a video going around of this amazing group of women in Mexico who have made it their mission to call out men who harass women on the street. They walk around, and then when they're either harassed themselves or spot men harassing other women, they whip out their confetti guns (where can I get these) and microphones, give the guy a face full of confetti, and then blast him with anti-harassment punk rock while he has to stand there or sit in traffic looking all embarrassed and awkward.

Seriously, you have to see this.

Mexico's Harassment Issue
“You talk to me as if you were going to rape me.”These Mexican women are fighting street harassers with confetti guns and punk rock.
Posted by AJ+ on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I NEED CONFETTI GUNS. Or maybe colorful water guns or glitter guns! Something really annoying. Maybe a water pistol filled with mustard.

Keep in mind that not all women could do this safely. Women of color in countries dominated by white people, trans women, and others less privileged than me would be at a higher risk of violence from men if they attempted something like this.

But I would be totally down for this shit. I especially love the idea of coming to the defense of other women. Take the attention off of them with some confetti in the face. Who's in?

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