Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Request for Donations

It's been waaaaaayyyy too long since I've done one of these posts. In fact, I haven't done one since #GiveYourMoneyToWomen and the original post saying I was going to start regularly asking for donations.

It's not that I've forgotten. I've though about it several times over the months, but I still struggle with feeling like I don't deserve money for all the time and energy I put into this blog.

Luckily, a kind commenter came along and inspired me. And by "kind," I mean a hilarious troll that made it easy to troll back and now I have to share it with everyone.

Trigger warning for blatant ableist slurs and sexual harassment.

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You can see the actual comment here if you don't have access to the image.

Thanks to my desire to brag about my top notch humor and my tendency to respond to trolling with spite, I was inspired to finally make the post I've been needing to for months.

As I've mentioned, I'm currently a full time freelance writer. All of my money is coming from online freelance writing jobs. It's not easy to do all that work, attend trauma therapy, and keep this blog going at the same time. But I keep blogging because frankly, this blog is my favorite thing in the world. It's my baby and I will never leave it.

But I would be able to pay a lot more attention to my baby if I was making money off of it. There's no way I'm putting up ads, except for what I'm forced to allow from Disqus in exchange for a free decent commenting system. So if I'm going to be able to not be sorry about my feminism full time, I need reader donations.

I recently changed up my Patreon rewards because I decided that doing extra work in exchange for donations kind of defeats the purpose.

If you just want to make a one-time donation, even if it's only a dollar, you can do it via PayPal. It would make me feel warm in my cold feminist heart.

And it would help me out a lot. Due to certain circumstances, I'm not actually making enough to pay all my bills and feed myself and am relying on savings to get me through, hoping I am able to eventually find work that pays well enough that I can get by doing all that while still having a reasonable amount of downtime. Until then, every donation eases my ever-present anxiety a bit.

Thanks in advance to anyone who decides to drop me a buck or two. And I love all my readers even if they don't.

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