Friday, January 15, 2016

Recommended Reading


This piece by Briana L. Urena-Ravelo explains better than I could the issue of racism in ignoring the crimes of white male rock stars while constantly calling out black hip hop and rap artists for theirs.

“Allure” by any other name: The double standards of rape culture, racism, and gender in pop music

This all comes together to paint a really sad picture: While we will easily point fingers at Black rapists, abusers, and misogynists, we’re yet quiet about the white men who behave exactly like them, if not worse. I could easily share a song on social media by The Stooges, David Bowie, or T. Rex, all artists I’ve been inspired by and love(d), without much hullabaloo from my progressively-minded friends. But if I were to do so for R. Kelly or Tyler the Creator, I would have a few people messaging me about being upset or triggered. The disparity is deafening.

Pay attention, my fellow white feminists.

This piece goes into greater dept, talking about the erasure of women of color from the "baby groupie" scene as well as modern day victims. The racism of it all, constantly framing white women as victims but so seldom women of color and framing black men as misogynistic brutes while giving white men a pass, is so stark yet so widely ignored. Yet another reason why calling out David Bowie is so important.

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