Thursday, January 28, 2016

Racism in the U.S. is Real and Terrifying


This is something that you probably won't see in the news. I sure haven't. But it's disturbing and terrifying.

There's a video of a black woman talking about how she had to run for her life after she was warned that the white men in the bar right next to the bus stop she was waiting at were talking about raping and killing her because she's black. The white woman who warned her said that she was in the "most racist neighborhood in Chicago." Right after, men with white supremacist tattoos came out and the white woman had to hold them back while she ran. She made a video telling her story, visibly upset, as we should all be. This shit is not okay, not in 2016, not ever.

The cherry on the top of this shit sundae is that the Chicago police were sitting right on a nearby corner and did nothing while a woman held back a bunch of drunk white men while a black woman ran away crying.

Everyone needs to know about this. And all white people need to be more like the white woman who intervened. This should be considered basic human decency and all the white people who did nothing are shit.

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