Monday, January 18, 2016

Happy National Don't Quote MLK if You're White Day

With the possible exception of correcting other white people who misuse his quotes or quote out of context. We white people need to cut that out immediately.

And this is not limited to your everyday racist who tries to shut down the Black Lives Matter movement or other black activists by misusing his quotes about non-violent resistance. This includes my fellow lefty white people who I currently see exploiting his words to promote socialism. Yes, it's true Dr. King, Jr. was much more of a socialist than a capitalist and yes, fucking Republicans trying to paint him as a gun-toting Republican are laughably wrong. That does not give us white socialists the right to blanket our Twitter accounts with quotes of him talking about socialism.

His legacy is not for us. Let today be the ultimate day in which we white people shut the fuck up.

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