Thursday, January 7, 2016

Good News!


Guess what! A cop was actually indicted in the Sandra Bland case! Remember, the one in which a black woman was pulled over for a bullshit reason, arrested for further bullshit after being brutalized by a cop, and then was found dead in her cell under extremely suspicious circumstances?

Only he wasn't indicted for murder. Or assault. He was indicted for perjury. He could get up to a year in prison! A black woman is dead, probably from murder, and a single cop could get a year in jail but probably won't.

The grand jury has already failed to indict any officers in the murder of Sandra Bland, effectively deciding that the claim that she committed suicide is true, despite all the problems with that claim that people have already listed before. But at least they weren't able to dodge the clear fact that the arresting officer's claim that he "removed Ms. Bland from her car to more safely conduct a traffic investigation" was a lie.


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