Thursday, January 28, 2016

Even in Movies Starring Women, Men Talk More

As it turns out, although the old-timey Disney movies were undeniably more sexist than the new ones, they at least let women speak a decent amount.

But of the nine princess films released since 1959, only two give women more lines than men. 2010’s Tangled just surpasses gender parity by letting women speak 52 percent of the time, while 2012’s Brave gives women a large chunk (74 percent) of dialogue. Yet 2013’s Frozen—hailed by many as a feminist turning point for Disney—took a step back from Brave’s progress. Despite centering on two princesses, women speak only 41 percent of Frozen’s dialogue. 
That’s because Disney princess films feature casts that are overwhelmingly male (Anna and Elsa are basically the only women in Frozen, for example). In fact, Fought and Eisenhauer found that no Disney princess film has ever featured a cast in which women outnumber men. Cinderella is the only film in the canon to even achieve gender parity:

Check it out:

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None of these movies have casted more women than men. Zero.

And again, this is why people think that women are dominating conversations when they speak an equal amount to men. The vast majority of these films are starring and about women, but they still don't get to talk. Especially if they're women of color, it seems.

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