Friday, January 8, 2016

Aboriginal Women in Canada Are Being Forcibly Sterilized

Yeah, so that's happening, and it's really fucked up.

Aboriginal women say they were sterilized against their will in hospital.

There are apparently numerous stories about aboriginal women being pressured into getting their tubes tied in Canada. Do you know how often white women, especially middle to upper class white women, are pressured by medical staff to get their tubes tied? Fucking never.

In fact, I hear many stories from my fellow white women who've wanted their tubes tied or the removal of their uterus because they don't want children and/or their uterus is giving them incredibly painful health problems but are refused by doctors. Male doctors condescendingly dismiss them, telling them that they'll regret it because they'll want kids later. Because these men know more about these women than the women themselves, of course.

Yet when it comes to poor women of color, they can't sterilize them fast enough. This is not even close to the only story of women of color being pressured into being sterilized or being sterilized without their consent and knowledge. It happens all the time, around the world. One of the women in this particular article even says that she was told tubal ligation could be reversed. They flat out lied to her face to make sure she couldn't have any more children.

The Tumblr post from which I found this article had more stories from aboriginal Canadian women, including one whose doctor attempted to trick her by adding in a consent form for tubal ligation to a stack of paperwork she had to sign when she was in the hospital to have her first child. Then the nurse tried to pressure her into signing it when her mother was away. Another was threatened with having the CPS take her kids away if she didn't get her tubes tied.

This is what we call systemic, institutionalized racism. This is white supremacy. This is a widespread systematic attempt to make sure white women have all the kids and women of color stop having kids. Because we want to maintain all the power over people of color, including the power of numbers. I'd say that we want them all to die, but that's probably not true, because then who would we exploit? Ha.

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