Friday, December 4, 2015

Why Can't Rape Apologists Understand Basic Compassion?


I'm really asking here. If a scientist can explain this to me, I'd really appreciate it.

One of the most common rape-apologist word-shit vomitings that I see over Stoya's coming forward about the fact that James Deen raped her is "why did she talk about it on Twitter instead of going to the police?" Then if you explain that going to the police isn't safe, they try to get you by asking why she would tell the world via social media if it isn't safe to report your rape at all.

This completely disregards the special power that cops have over ordinary citizens and the general fact that cops hate sex workers. But the question is so simple to answer anyway. It's baffling to me that this is even a question. It must take a lot of energy to block out that voice of basic human decency that I'd like to believe every human being inherently possesses.

Stoya went to an extremely public platform to tell people that James Deen raped her out of concern for the other women he will come into contact with in the industry.

“I couldn’t bear the thought any more,” Stoya said, “that there might be something terrible happening to yet another woman at his hands, or more likely, at his cock, that she didn’t want, because I kept quiet. I just … I couldn’t, I couldn’t.”

Even if she hadn't said this outright to The Guardian, this would have been my first guess. The second being that she might actually find some support by fellow survivors on Twitter and by her many followers, whereas with the police she would find none.

I want to take the time to make an important note here. No victim/survivor is ever obligated to come forward and report what happened to them. It doesn't matter that it might help other people avoid contact with the individual who hurt them and prevent further harm in the future. Publicly reporting like this still comes with huge risks, and Stoya is protected by wealth, fame, and privilege in ways that others may not be. Your own safety always comes first, and I do NOT support the idea that survivors are ever obligated to report or should be compelled to do so for public safety, Fuck that.

That being said, if you can't imagine a reason other than "revenge" that a survivor might publicly come forward like this, you might want to consider why you're such a terrible person and why you're fucking dead inside and whether you shouldn't isolate yourself from the rest of humanity for the good of the species, thanks.

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