Thursday, December 3, 2015

Video Shows Police Shooting Man For Walking Slowly


As you're already aware, there are so many mass shootings and incidents of unnecessary, homicidal police brutality, that they hardly get reported on anymore unless they're really bad. Yesterday, there were three mass shootings. Only one was reported on because the shooter managed to kill over a dozen people instead of just a couple. There was another one in George yesterday, and a third at a women's health center in Texas.

Also yesterday, a video was posted of an incident wherein a crowd of cops open fired on an individual for what appeared to be the crime of walking slowly toward a cop with his arms at his sides.

You can see the video here. It's rather disturbing, containing loud gunshots. A lot of them.

The police, of course, claimed that the man was charging him and that he had a kitchen knife, likely unaware that they were being filmed. He was definitely not charging. If you don't want to watch the video, it shows a single man surrounded by a large crowd of cops, all pointing guns at him. The man appears to be yelling something at them. At one point he kind of keels over, then throws his hands up in the air (not suddenly or threateningly) as though he's fed up. He then turns and proceeds to amble (I use that word specifically because he was walking slowly with perhaps a bit of a limp, or just very casually). He's hugging the wall a bit, but mostly it looks like he's just trying to go on his way. A single cop is in front of him, still pointing his gun, and there's a lot of yelling, and when the man gets within a few feet of the cop, you hear a gunshot, the man keels over again (this time from being shot), and the camera ducks away, and you can here probably dozens of other gunshots as apparently the entire fucking crowd of cops empties their clips into him.

That man was not threatening. He was simply non-compliant. And that's why they killed him.

I mentioned the mass shooting before because the vast majority of mass shootings in this country are carried out by white men. And if the shooters don't kill themselves, so many of them appear to be somehow arrested alive and unharmed. But a black man walking slowly who maybe has a knife will get pumped full of bullets if he doesn't comply.

I don't know why the man in the video didn't surrender. It doesn't matter, though I imagine it's because he's fed up with cops and just wanted to get some measure of power back in his life by walking away from the situation. The point is that it would have been so easy to take him down in a non-lethal manner. A taser wouldn't even have been necessary. There had to be 10 or more cops there. They could have just grabbed him. They could have even shot him in the leg. But no. They poured bullets into him like he was the fucking Hulk on a rampage.

Why do that? Because they were enraged at his refusal to comply. He refused to bow to them, so they executed him. There's no other logical reason that they would have done that to a man who was so utterly unthreatening.

This is what black people have to face in this country. Bow down to cops, do whatever they say whenever they want you to, or you die.

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