Tuesday, December 29, 2015

US Anti-Black Racism Update


Yep. Tamir Rice's killer will officially not be indicted. Police are so well protected from consequences in this country, especially if they harmed or killed black people, that they can literally jump out of a police car and shoot a 12-year-old to death and get off totally free.

The things I've seen coming out of the mouths (fingers/brains) of my fellow white people are just astonishing. The prosecutor saying that a 12-year-old looked like a grown man, using his pants size to confirm this. I thought black people were always wearing a couple sizes to big so they could sag their pants and look like thugs, right, fellow white people?

Plus, saying that you looked at a 12-year-old black boy and saw a man is just straight up saying "yeah I'm racist. Yeah, I'm so terrified of black people that even their little children look like deadly killers to me,"

They call it an avalanche of mistakes and bad decisions or whatever, but criminal intent isn't needed to send someone to jail. If you accidentally hit and kill someone with your car because you made the mistake of running a red light or the bad decision to drive drunk, you still go to fucking jail for manslaughter. Cops? No, they can kill whoever they want, no matter how unthreatening.

Here's the rundown of what happened. Someone saw a black child playing with a toy gun in a playground, as children do. They called 911 and told the dispatcher that the gun was probably a fake. The dispatcher did not relay that particular bit of information. The dispatch reached a cop who was hired by the local police department without a background or reference check, because if they had done those they would have found that he was fired for being a shitty cop with poor gun skills and a tendency toward brutality. Then he failed the written cop test when trying to get hired elsewhere even though he'd been a cop before.

Anyway, this gem shows up, barrels out of the police car before it's even fully stopped just a couple feet away from where Tamir Rice is sitting on a bunch. One, two, bam bam bam, child's down. Then the cop decides to stand around for four minutes (this was all caught on video) until the EMTs arrive instead of performing the basic medical care cops are trained to provide to wounded, dying individuals. I guess he was too busy thinking about clouds or something. Tamir Rice dies.

Could a cop have seen a child start to turn around at the sound of someone exiting a vehicle suddenly a couple feet behind him as he tries to figure out what the fuck is happening, and, assuming the kid has a real gun, become fearful for his life? Yeah, sure. But why was the cop hired in the first place and why didn't the dispatcher explain that the gun was probably a fake and why didn't the cop do anything to try and save Tamir from bleeding out? Why were the police called in the first place when Ohio is an open carry state? Why barrel your police car onto the fucking playground when the kid is just sitting there on a bench? If you're really afraid of him, why not stay in the car and use the loudspeaker to tell him from a distance to put the gun down? Or pretend he's white and casually walk up to him and ask what's up? Why do you see a black child in a literal fucking playground and think "potentially deadly adult, must gun down immediately"?

Probably this cop was not totally aware of the situation, but you can't tell me there weren't a thousand better ways to approach it and you can't tell me it wouldn't have gone down differently (or not at all) if he was white. Something needs to be done and someone needs to be held accountable. Fire the police chief if they can't ensure that violent, terrible people aren't hired onto their force. Indict the cop based on the fact that he let the kid die, or any of the other horrible "mistakes" he made during that incident. Better yet, revamp the entire justice system so that it's not nearly impossible to indict cops. Literally all he had to do was say "his pants were big" and no trial.

Oh, and apparently, Tamir Rice used to pull the toy gun out of his jacket like "a robber." First of all, cops do the same thing, and second, are there boys in the country who haven't played "cops and robbers" in some form? Literally, there's a game named after it. A game that's been around fucking forever. Everyone knows the phrase "cops and robbers." Everyone's seen little boys running around with toy guns, emulating what they seem on TV and in movies and video games, sometimes playing the good guys and sometimes playing the bad guys. Black boys might play "robber" more often because, surprise, that's the role black men are often reduced to in media. So the kids go "well I guess that's what I have to be, I guess that's what I am." And the WE MURDER THEM FOR IT.

There is no fucking justice.

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