Thursday, December 31, 2015

Today in Things We've Been Saying Forever


Another thing that emerged during my holiday break was one of those studies that makes me kind of want to chuck my laptop right out the fucking window because yeah I've been saying that for years now and a giant mob of women before me have been saying that for decades but haha nobody wants to listen to us so sure, science it up, and people will continue not to listen to us anyway, whee!

Severe trigger warning for multiple descriptions of rape.

The Infamous Reddit “Ask a Rapist” Thread Is Now the Subject of a Research Study

Gee, what did they find?

Garden-variety cultural sexism lays the foundations for extreme violence against women, according to a study published this month in the journal Psychology of Violence.

Lol wow no kidding?

Which means that in educating teens and college students about consensual sex, ideas about women as “gatekeepers” and men as captives to their high libidos need to be the first notion to go.

You're shittin' me.

This is why I say that men who use certain victim-blaming and biological essentialism rhetoric of being potential rapists. Because actual rapists say the exact same fucking thing about their own victims. That mentality is what makes such brutal, violating violence possible. And that's why we need to fucking root it the fuck out of society. That's why words are not just words. That's why language matters. Why shit in media matters. Why all this matters. Because of these attitudes, women are probably being raped right now. While I'm typing this, while you're reading it.

So if you spread those narratives, you're aiding and abetting rape and I have no fucking sympathy for you.

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