Friday, December 11, 2015

Today in Things We've Been Saying Forever

I know people won't but can we please please please please please put the idea that men and women are "wired differently" to bed now?

Science Says Men And Women Aren't Really 'Wired Differently'

If you won't listen to me or any other women then will you listen to SCIENCE? SCIENCE SAYS.

I can't tell you how many otherwise educated people have said things like "that's just the way men/women are wired" or somehow referred to the human brain as a collection of wires or some kind of machine. It's fucking not. I know you can't comprehend it otherwise but maybe then just stop talking.

There is no such thing as a "male brain" or a "female brain," new research finds. 
Instead, men and women's brains are an unpredictable mishmash of malelike and femalelike features, the study concludes. Even in brain regions previously thought to show differences based on sex, variability is more common than consistency.
Variability is more common than consistency.

Variability is more common than consistency. Variability is more common than consistency.

Scream it from the fucking mountaintops, I swear to god.

This topic has frustrated me for some time, to be perfectly honest.

This is not actually new information. This new study is just confirming what studies have been saying for years. Though the article claims this is the first to study "sex differences in the brain as a whole," I've been seeing article and quotes and studies pop up for a very long time saying this same kind of thing, over and over.

The new research is the first to examine sex differences in the brain as a whole. If the brain is truly sexually dimorphic, coming in a male and a female form, it should be consistently different between the two sexes, Tel Aviv University psychobiologist Daphna Joel and her colleagues wrote. Consider the peacock, with its sexually dimorphic tail: The difference in color and size is consistent between the sexes – there's no subset of peahens brandishing iridescent purple feathers. 
Clearly, brains don't fit this pattern; there is far more variation in brains within sexes than between them, a fact that has been known for a long time, said Rebecca Jordan-Young, a professor of women's gender & sexuality studies at Barnard College in New York and author of "Brain Storm: The flaws in the science of sex differences" (Harvard University Press, 2010). Many neuroscientists had already concluded that brains are checkered with a mix of male- and femalelike structures, said Jordan-Young, who was not involved in the new study.

You listening, TWERFs? Lol, of course you're not. Never mind.

Though hormonal influences are important, the real story is far more complex, according to a 2011 review in Nature Neuroscience. A growing body of evidence suggests that development is a give-and-take between genetic, environmental and epigenetic (above the genome) factors, all of which are acting in parallel and influencing one another in complicated ways. Different brain regions react in different ways to sex-specific influences, which are not limited to estrogen and testosterone, that review found. Meanwhile, environmental influences such as prenatal or early-life stress can feed back into this process, again altering how the brain develops.

Translation: It's complex as fuck. Stop trying to act as though it's as simple as a computer. If you're not at all educated on how the brain works, stop saying words. Just. Stop talking about it. Stop.

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