Monday, December 28, 2015

TERFs Are Remarkably Horrible


This story that was sent to me by a good friend makes me want to take serious, direct action against TERFs. Like how we now have specific services to help people who have become targets of online harassment in the wake of GamerGate? We need that specifically to protect trans women from TERFs, because trans women are especially vulnerable and because god damn, TERFs are fucking awful.

If you're cis, I'm gonna need you to read this:

TERF hate and Sandy Stone

This happened in the mid to late 70's, but I've heard the basics of stories of the same things happening quite recently to trans women and even trans girls, thanks to people like Cathy Brennan. After reading the intimate details of what happened to Sandy Stone, though, I was particularly floored. Or maybe just fed up. I don't know. Something needed to be done about TERFs a long time ago, but a failure of us cis feminists to act has allowed them to flourish and continue to ruin the careers and kill any sense of well being in trans women and girls today. It's completely unacceptable.

Part of me honestly wants to dedicate some blog or social media account to calling out TERFs and documenting their awfulness, but I don't know if that will help or just fire them up. I would love to at least draw their hatred away from trans women as much as I can. I don't have to fear a loss of employment or income the way trans women do. I can take whatever TERFs throw at me. We cis feminists definitely need to do something to protect trans women from our own kind. No pretending TERFs aren't feminists. They're our mess and we need to clean up.

This may require further pondering. I've never spearheaded any kind of collective movement or organization, but maybe it's time to take that step. I can't think of a better cause in terms of both need and my own passion.

Fuck you forever, TERFs.

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