Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Recommended Reading


This piece by Clementine Ford is everything:

Clementine Ford: Why I reported hotel supervisor Michael Nolan's abusive comment to his employer

This is everything I've been saying about why I support getting bigots fired. Recently, I had some people concern trolling me when I reblogged a post calling for getting a man fired after he posted a rape threat. People were veeeeery concerned that this man might be poor and losing his job could hurt him. How could you ruin his life for making a mistake?

Whoops, that's the exact same thing people like to say about ACTUAL RAPISTS.

It's always a "mistake," isn't it? But it's not. The man that Ford got fired was not an accidental, one-time bigot. His Facebook page was full of racism and anti-immigrant hatred. Men like him like to spend significant amounts of their free time seeking out feminist posts so they can call women who have been assaulted and/or subjected to vile harassment and misogyny sluts. Whether they actually believe it or are just doing it to make women mad (because they hate us), it's not a mistake. This grown fucking man made a calculated decision on a platform that is, as men like to constantly remind feminists, public.

What about all the women these men harass and threaten without consequence? What about the women who have to work with these men without knowing how dangerous they are? Where's the concern about their well-being, hmm?

It was extremely unsurprising when I reblogged another Tumblr post about a man sending out rape threats, but no one said a word against it. It was unsurprising because this time, the man was black. The original post was about a white dude.


The best part of Ford's article, though, it showing the hypocrisy and circular logic of misogynists. You can't win with them because they'll say anything to try and win the argument without regard for the other things they JUST SAID.

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