Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Stand With Stoya


If you're not familiar with the story of Stoya, just look up any other case of a celebrity being accused of rape, replace the name of the first victim who came forward with "Stoya" and replace the rapist's name with "James Deen," then multiply the awfulness by a factor of 10 because this involves the porn industry and Stoya is a sex worker.

The rape apology that pops up every time something like this happens is exhausting. The fact that people are STILL saying "why didn't she just go to the cops" when it's already been explained a million times how cops are not properly trained to handle sexual assault victims and how they have a tendency to be HORRIBLE to them and then do nothing to help them at all, and sometimes coercing them into retracting the report and/or arresting them for making a false report based on utter bullshit.

And Stoya's a sex worker. A sex worker. If you know anything about the relationship between cops and sex workers, just, haha, hahahahahahahaha, well, obviously these people don't know shit about that or anything else or they'd be keeping their goddamn fucking shit mouths shut.

If you don't stand with Stoya, you're an ignorant piece of shit at best, and at worst you want to uphold a culture that rampantly defends rapists so you can go on and keep raping people without having to worry about being punished at all for it. Especially if you're a celebrity in a largely uncaring and gross mainstream porn industry.

At least Kink dropped that rapist. They're an example of what a porn company can be. May all sex workers be lucky enough to work exclusively for porn companies that protect them and care about consent.

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