Friday, December 18, 2015

Headline of the Month



Poll: 30% of GOP voters support bombing Agrabah, the city from Aladdin.

I was at a coffee shop when I first read this and I just had to sit there, shaking with the silent laughter of pure despair with my hand over my eyes. It probably looked like I was crying. And I was, on the inside.

Democrats aren't much better, either.

Public Policy Polling also polled Democratic primary voters: only 19% of them said they would support bombing Agrabah, while 36% said they would oppose it.

That's the U.S. for me. Sounds Arab? BOMB IT. Surely that will somehow solve our foreign policy problems.

We probably will somehow manage to bomb Agrabah if Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton are elected. We'll run out of real cities to bomb that won't make us look horrible so we'll build a new city, name it Agrabah, fill it with people of color, and bomb it.

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