Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Don't See The Forest


It's that time again. Time to boycott another racist as fuck movie.

The Forest is a horror film about a bunch of white people going into a forest in Japan, which really exists, and which is famous for being the forest where people go to commit suicide. So, you know, ghosts and jump scares and white people splitting up probably, good times.

Only Japan actually has a national mental health and suicide crisis going on. Not only are suicide rates alarmingly high in Japan, there's a ton of stigma against mental illness and getting help to the point that a lot of people born and raised in the country view suicide as a reasonable option for people who aren't doing all that well in their lives.

So it's hard to imagine something more disrespectful than taking this actual huge problem and turning it into an adrenaline rush for white people. The film stars a white woman and, from what I've heard, doesn't even mention depression. Also, turning suicide victims into monsters just perpetuates the idea that anyone who commits suicide is horrible and probably suffers terribly in the afterlife and deserves to, which, guess what, tends to make suicidal people feel worse about themselves and therefore more suicidal. Even worse for those who have attempted.

This movie is a racist and ableist disaster and if you really want to learn about this forest, there's a documentary on it called Aokigahara: Suicide Forest. It's on YouTube. Pay $0 to watch than instead of $11 to see something gross.

Thanks to Tumblr blog Gold vs. Mold for the information.

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