Monday, December 7, 2015

Biologist Trying to Put Hormones in Trans Hands

This is some super important shit right here. A biologist is trying to engineer a tobacco plant to grow the hormones that trans people use to transition. I have no idea how this really works, but a trans physician named Nick Gorton says it could totally work, so I trust him.

The biologist in question is a cis man named Ryan Hammond, and he's in the early stages of his work. He's trying to crowdfund the project. If you want to donate a couple dollars (I did), check out the crowdfunding page here. This is one of those things that could really help a lot of people. It will take a while before this could become a reality, but the idea that some day, trans people can have a lot of control over their own hormones instead of having to rely on often transphobic or at least cissexist cis doctors - that's awesome.

The crowdfunding goes until January 14, 2016. Maybe donate to the project in a transphobic relative's name for Christmas. Or at least spread the word. This needs to get funded. It's only at 11%. Get going.

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