Thursday, December 31, 2015

Activism Works

One of the main ways that the establishment tries to crush resistance is simply to claim that resistance isn't effective. In the U.S., the system of white supremacy has many white people claiming that the protests and disruptive actions by black people and the Black Lives Matter movement won't work, and will in fact be counter-productive because blocking traffic or making it harder to shop just makes people mad at you, and then they won't want to help you at all.

This is not only a fucked up threat that dangles out the most basic, minor support of white people, threatening to snatch it away if black people don't behave just as we want them to, it's completely false. Black activists do and have made changes. 2015 is a fantastic example of that.

11 big accomplishments black activists achieved in 2015

What does quite protest that no white people will notice do? Nothing. What did that annoying and disruptive resistance that forced you to pay attention do? A whole lot.

Don't tell me that this kind of activism doesn't work. I'm not going to buy that for a second.

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