Monday, December 7, 2015

26 Years Ago, Women Died Because a Dude Hated Feminists


Yesterday was the 26th anniversary of that incident that MRAs and anti-feminists like to pretend doesn't exist.

A man by the name of Marc Lépine walked into a classroom at the École Polytechnique in Canada, told all the men to leave, then lined up the women, called the women a "bunch of feminists," assuming they were feminists because they were in a mechanical engineering class. He said he was "fighting feminism" and that he hated feminism and then he opened fire, killing six of them and injuring three. He then left the classroom and walked through the building, shooting specifically at women, until he killed himself. His suicide note blamed feminism for ruining his life.

Cut to 26 years later, and men across the world are still blaming feminism and feminists for "ruining their lives" because they can't bear to look inward to see that they've ruined their own lives by being terrible. Anti-feminist rhetoric is still spewed from the keyboards of men who want to deny that hateful words can and do fuel hateful actions. Since then, we've had more mass shootings targeting women, and we've had a whole lot more single, non-publicized incidents of men attacking, hurting, and killing women because they hate women.

To see a list of the 14 women who died at the hands of a hateful anti-feminist, click here.

I'll keep fighting in their honor, and in the honor of every woman who has been hurt or killed by a man, until the day I die.

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