Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Worst Idea Ever


I know the whole "I can't even" thing is over, but all I could think when I saw this was that this is the can'test I ever been even.

Nazi Symbols Covering NYC Subway Train Cause Furor on Social Media

"Furor." God damnit, Mic.

But yeah, this is a real thing that happened. In New York. Look at this shit:

Can you imagine being a Jewish person and walking into a subway car like you do every Monday morning and seeing this? Or a person of color, or an LGBTQAIP+ person, or a disabled person? Anyone the Nazis hated? Or especially someone who actually survived the holocaust?? Walking in there all old and seeing that? ARE THEY TRYING TO GIVE PEOPLE HEART ATTACKS??????

This went through so many channels, too. Someone had to come up with the idea, pitch it to their boss, then they had to get approval from the city to do this to the subway, and then they had to hire someone to paint the seats like this. All this happened and no one was like "oh my god this is the worst idea of all time what are you even thinking stop immediately."

But yeah, what happened is that, someone's making a TV show or whatever about "what if the axis powers had won WWII?" and to advertise it they created that U.S. flag with the Nazi eagle and painted that all over the subway seats, plus the Japanese WWII rising sun flag. You know, to give extra heart attacks to Chinese and Korean residents of New York.

This worst advertising ever has already been removed because, of course, people complained about it, but it still baffles me that this happened at all. I know a lot of people aren't aware of the nuances of microaggressions and the lack of safety felt by marginalized groups but good lord, surely we're all aware that we shouldn't be painting Nazi symbols all over the fucking subway. Fuck.

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