Wednesday, November 11, 2015

White Supremacists Literally Terrorizing Black Mizzou Students


This shit is terrifying. Black students of the University of Missouri have been tweeting about being terrorized by white men in trucks circling them, screaming racial slurs and "white power," and threatening to kill them. Last night, they were actually fleeing the campus, hiding out at friends' houses.

You can see the tweets and a Yik Yak message saying "I'm going to stand my ground tomorrow and shoot every black person I see" on a student's Tumblr page.

This is all because black students successfully got the University president to resign for doing nothing when said students were repeatedly made to feel unsafe by racist white students. Now that he's left, these white supremacists are making absolutely sure that they feel unsafe, and the University is DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT.

Other posts on Yik Yak just say "Don't come to campus tomorrow." These are the kinds of things that have literally been said before mass shootings. These students are in serious danger. If a black or Muslim student said something like that, the entire campus would be shut down and the National Guard called in. I suggested that they bring in the National Guard on Twitter and then took it back a minute later because the National Guard would be more likely to shoot the protesting black students than protect them from racists.

These black students are completely fucked. They have no one they can trust. How can we sit by and allow a culture that forces them to endure a constant state of fear while they're just trying to get an education?

And that's not all. The KKK have been spotted near the campus. A threatening call was made to the Black Culture center while a black student group was having a meeting.

You can read about all this and more on U.S. Uncut.

And how is the University responding to all of this?

Absolutely unacceptable. Black students are fleeing your campus, MU. Your campus has turned into a scene from the 1960's and earlier. But apparently, you're willing to let people die before you do anything. And even then, you probably won't do much to actually protect your black students. You're fucking disgusting and clearly don't care about their lives.

You can tweet @Mizzou and follow the currently trending #BlackOnCampus hashtag if you want to get involved. And if you're the type to do so, pray.

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