Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wait, What?


NRA, Republicans block proposed law to stop suspected terrorists from buying guns in U.S.

So, they don't want to let refugees into the country because one or two might be secret terrorists. But suspected terrorists already in the country should be allowed to buy guns.

This gives me an idea for one of those zen "if a tree falls in a forest" questions. If a refugee wants to enter the U.S. to buy a gun, would a Republican let them in?

The bottom line on the refugee argument is that if you think we should refuse to take them in, you're a horrible person. You're afraid of terrorists getting in? Terrorists have a thousand ways of entering the country. Refusing refugees won't stop them, it only condemns innocent, desperate people to death. It is literally the most un-Christian thing to do. I'm not Christian anymore, but I was raised as one and it's pretty obvious what Jesus would do in this situation.

People die nearly every day in this country via mass shootings that could be stopped via gun control, but Republicans refuse to do anything about it. Yet these supposed Christians would deny safe haven to people whose homes and lives have been destroyed by ISIS because a couple of them might secretly be ISIS agents who will try to kill people?

If I could snap my fingers and have every one of these rich Republican legislators who wants to close our borders to refugees straight to Syria, I would. They kill more people every day with their horrible policies and their war on drugs and their abortion access restrictions and their attacks on essential welfare services and their anti-gun control stance and their support of killer police than any ISIS terrorist ever could. And they create more terrorists through their support of constantly attacking, exploiting, and bombing any country that isn't strong enough to defend itself.

They're all murderers and terrorists and they should be deported immediately.

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